Eve Maret – Stars Aligned LP


Stars Aligned is a collaborative release between Whited Sepulchre Records and PRAH Records (UK). All UK and EU customers please place your order through PRAH (you will save a ton on shipping): prahrecordings.bandcamp.com

On various levels of consciousness, Stars Aligned is a pop-edged modular sprawl that encompasses these past experiences and processes, allied with her own personal emotional and spiritual growth. “It’s about the truth that is revealed by one’s suffering, seeing it as an opportunity for compassion and growth, and focusing on what you want to manifest in the present moment” she says. “My personal experience of grief, love, disappointment, joy, and heartbreak made this album what it is.”

Stars Aligned is a record that twists and turns, moving seamlessly from the excitable skittering four to the floor and manipulated vocals of Synthesizer Hearts to more scrambled amalgamations that gradually reveal themselves – as on the title track’s burbling frequencies. It’s reflective of the real-life flux that Maret herself existed in; these first two tracks came to her while she was spending time out in a camper van in the Tennessee countryside.

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