John Atkinson / Sabriel’s Orb Split Cassette


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  • Multi-Colored J-Card
  • Red Shell
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John Atkinson, formerly of the highly-praised Brooklyn hypnogogic pop group Aa, has recently lent himself to creating uneasy atmospheres scoring documentaries about hitmen and listless graduates in arthouse comedies. John’s latest on WSR, however, is a meditative suite matching inherently moving synthscapes with field recordings to create soothing tonal structures somewhere between Steve Hauschildt and Hiroshi Yoshimura.

For the fourth in WSR’s split cassette series, John Atkinson is paired with SLC-based artist Sabriel’s orb. Willow Skye-Biggs has spent the last decade exploring the intersections of identity and ritual through her ambient, experimental and techno projects. Most notably, she created soaring, beat-oriented experimental-pop under the name Stag Hare and bedroom techhouse under the moniker ariel.

For this latest project, Willow has taken on Sabriel’s Orb to dress her pulsing longform ambient pieces with an audible glow that shines like a naked bulb under several thick blankets. Warm washes of synths float over these faintly surging arpeggios. It’s worth losing an afternoon in.

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