Vicky Mettler / Lake Mary Split Cassette


This split between Lake Mary and Vicky Mettler finds the two guitarists exploring new neural canyons connecting their brains to the instrument.
Montreal-based Vicky Mettler is most well known for her project under the name Kee Avil. These two tracks, recorded for that project, posses the qualities that make Kee Avil such a revered project. Using a variety of extended techniques and prepared methods run through a noise-table worth of pedals, Mettler allows her guitar lines to pop, slide and decay while still maintaining its compositional form.
Lake Mary’s “Botanica” represents some of the most challenging and least recognizable work in Chaz Prymek’s career. Prymek’s guitar lines spike and dip in jagged attacks or extended meditations on the a single line. “Botanica” operates out of  a tonal center we’ve never heard in Lake Mary’s work before.
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